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Build Visual, Robust and Flexible Java Applications

  • M2M
  • Embedded
  • Internet of Things

Reactive Blocks, the tool for professional Java developers.

Free for open source


Understand Complex Applications

Reactive Blocks makes it easy to understand, maintain and adapt the application.

Master Concurrency

If you have ever programmed systems with a lot of concurrency, you know it is difficult. Reactive Blocks generates the synchronization code to handle concurrency automatically.


Reuse Done Right

With traditional programming interfaces, a lot of necessary information is only documented in text (if at all), but not accessible to a compiler for checking. This makes effective reuse difficult. Reactive Blocks contains this missing information, so that everything can be checked automatically.  

Programming Interface (API)

Reactive Blocks

Method names and types

Sequence of calls


Timing information



Build M2M Application Gateways


If you have an M2M application, you need a gateway. They can react locally if the network is down, add security functions and minimize traffic.

Gateway applications are hard to build, since they need to interact concurrently with many other devices and interfaces, be monitored remotely, and work reliably, all the time, while working autonomously.
With Reactive Blocks you can build complex M2M application gateways

Communicate Your Idea


Reactive Blocks makes it easier to communicate your ideas. Amongst developers, and even between developers and product owner.

Deliver Quality

The automatic analysis verifies that your application works correctly in all situations, even those you didn't think of.




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