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Reactive Blocks is a professional tool to build robust IoT applications.

Simpler, faster and safer.

IoT Application Gateways

truck with iot gateway

Gateways are critical to IoT. They can react locally if the network is down, add security functions, reduce latency and minimize traffic.

Programming the applications running on gateways is hard as a lot of concurrency and event driven code is involved. A gateway must interact with several interfaces and devices, be monitored and controlled remotely, and have the ability to adapt to changes in the environment. All the stuff must be handled correctly and reliably all the time, even if the network is down.

With Reactive Blocks you can build complex applications for IoT gateways.

From Quick Prototyping to Industrial Solutions

With Reactive Blocks you combine building blocks to make efficient event-driven Java code ready to run on any processor that supports Java. Some of the devices we have used are: QorIQ, CloudGate, Reliagate, Kontron M2M, Raspberry Pi.

Ready-to-use Building Blocks

Why spend hours trying to understand a protocol or piece of hardware? Others may have already done the work for you? Inside Reactive Blocks you will find a comprehensive library of building blocks ready-to-use in your application.


Generic Functionality

  • Buffering
  • Counters
  • Flow Logic
  • Session Utils
  • Iterator


  • Timers
  • Periodic Timers
  • Watchdogs

Application Prototyping

  • Java Swing Components
  • JavaFX
  • Speech (Free TTS)
  • Properties

Hardware Connections

  • Modbus
  • Serial I/O
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO
  • Berryclip for Raspberry Pi
  • Gertboard for Raspberry Pi
  • USB Camera


  • File Utilities
  • File I/O
  • Properties

End-User Communication

  • SMS: Twilio, Keyteq, Clickatell
  • Email
  • XMPP Client (Smack)


  • MQTT
  • CoAP
  • AMQP
  • Network Monitoring
  • OPC-UA
  • LoRa

Data Collection Services

  • Sierra Wireless AirVantage
  • IBM IoT Foundation
  • Eurotech ESF
  • Xively
  • Solair


  • Cryptography
  • OAuth 2.0

Transformation of Data

  • GSON
  • XML Parsing (DOM4J)
  • XSL Transformation

Eclipse Kura and OSGi

  • Configuration Listener
  • Cloud Client Handler
  • Event Admin
  • Service Tracker
  • Termination
  • Service Register


  • Geofence
  • KML

Data Processing

  • Video Recording
  • Image Processing

The Team

Bitreactive is the answer to todays shortage in developers needed for making the estimated 50 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things, IoT, in 2020 a reality. The Reactive Blocks developer tool makes programming embedded software for devices possible for any Java developer through abstract visual design rather than writing code.

Bitreactive is an IoT startup based in Norway. Our revolutionary Java based developer tool Reactive Blocks allows for efficient and robust development of reactive or event driven systems for IoT/M2M or other embedded systems. It solves hard problems for developers like concurrency (e.g. handling simultaneous incoming events), leveraging multi-core CPU capabilities effortlessly, reusing code or just understanding and debugging code. Reactive Blocks is available for free download.

Bitreactive is cooperating with key vendors in the IoT/embedded industry to serve developers and application owners with a powerful set of tools, hardware and communication services to develop and maintain deployed IoT/M2M systems efficiently. We are working with partners developing IoT/M2M solutions in a wide variety of industries like logistics, telematics, automotive, oil & gas, home automation, smart energy, smart cities and building control.

M2M, Java, software development, embedded systems, prototyping, IoT, OSGi.

jone bitreactive

Jone S. Rasmussen, General Manager

Serial Entrepreneur in university spin-offs.
Formerly with Verdande Technology as a founder and CEO. Verdande Technology is the first provider of real-time Case-Based Reasoning technology for oil & gas, financial services, and healthcare organizations. Ten+ years of working experience within high tech start ups including research based tech-transfer and business development consulting for early stage growth companies. Education in Engineering Cybernetics and Entrepreneurship from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
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frank bitreactive

Frank Alexander Kraemer, Technology Manager

Main inventor of the Reactive Blocks technology and developer of the core technology platform for the company. Frank studied electrical engineering and information technology at
 the University of Stuttgart and holds a doctoral degree in Telematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Frank also holds a position as an associate professor at NTNU.
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bart bitreactive Bart Jonkers, Director Sales and Business Development20 years of embedded software experience. Formerly as Director of EMEA Sales Consulting, Embedded Java at Oracle. Bart led the business transformation for Oracle’s EMEA Sales/BD organization to re-position embedded Java for the M2M and IoT markets, adding strategic partnerships with large OEMs, ISVs, and other key IoT players, building a multi-million dollar business.
+31 653707619
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anne bitreactive anne bitreactive ole bitreactive kathrin bitreactive alina bitreactive
Tim Jagenberg
Team Lead
+47 98026820
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Anne Nevin
+47 93007669
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Ole Budde
System Architect
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Kathrin Winkler
System Architect
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Alina Isaksen
System Architect
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Contact information

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tel: + 47 72 90 99 99 NO 997 140 672 MVA