BALTvakt is a smart gateway for assisted living solutions that will be developed during our three year OFU project with Trondheim municipality and the 6 municipalities that make up Værensregionen.


We will develop several prototypes of BALTvakt that fit real life user stories and needs. The prototypes will be developed and tested in an iterativ process in close collaboration with the municipalities and end-users.

Prototype 1: BALTvakt Night Watch

BALTvakt Night Watch is based on a specific resident with cognitive disabilities that need help with bed-time routines. Every night the resident gets a Skype-call telling him it is bed-time. Most of the time, this works great and the person is fine on his own. However, the resident sometimes forgets to go to bed and it happens that he falls a sleep on the living room floor. Occasionally he also leaves the house at night. Due to these problems a care assistant must make a visit to this resident every night to ensure he is in bed. As these visits feel intrusive, reducing these visits will greatly benefit both the municipality and resident. BALTvakt Night Watch uses a motion sensor, a door-sensor, speakers and SMS notifications to make the resident more self-sufficient and eliminate unwanted visits.


  • BALTvakt is only active during the night. If the resident does not go to bed or tries to leave the house the person will be told it is bed-time via the speaker. In the case where the resident ignores the message and leaves the house, a message will be sent to the responsible care-giver
  • BALTvakt is easy to remote configure. You can define what time period it is night and what phone number to  send notifications to.
  • BALTvakt is currently under development and testing.