Turn your Raspberry Pi into an invisible dog trainer

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Say hello to our newly developed Raspberry Pi Couch Monitor. With a pressure sensor, led and speaker you can turn your Pi into an invisible dog trainer that trains your dog to get off the couch. When the dog sits on the couch, the led blinks and the dog receives the command “Get off the couch”. When the dog gets off the couch it will hear the command “Good dog”.

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Here is the complete application in Reactive Blocks. The  “RPi GPIO Digital in” and “RPi GPIO Digital out” are blocks for triggering and listening to one of the seventeen GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi. They are selected from our reusable building blocks controlling GPIOs using the Pi4J library. With these blocks you can quickly get started with  sensor or actuators, for example to test if the components is working.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 13.07.33 When building more complex applications with several sensors and actuators, Reactive Blocks makes it easy to get the logic and the data flow in-between right. If you want to try, install Reactive Blocks and download “the invisible dog trainer” example. You will find detailed step by step descriptions in the tutorial to make it run on your Pi. Then, extend it as you like. By simple-drag and-drop and a Java method, you can add a timeout block and give a different command or trigger an alarm if the dog remains on the couch. How about adding the ability to monitor your couch via a cloud service? Easy with building blocks from our libraries.

This system is a fun and basic example system to easy get going with Reactive Blocks for Pi application development. For accessing this and other example systems for Raspberry Pi prototyping you can install Reactive Blocks and start developing.



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