Reactive Blocks on Intel Edison with Zulu Embedded and Kura

linda Examples

Intel Edison board is a tiny computational module from Intel for IoT applications. Zulu Embedded Java Virtual Machine from Azul Systems and Kura OSGi framework run smoothly on this board. We have created a demo application for this IoT platform combination.

For this application, the Edison board is connected with two LEDs (yellow and red) via GPIO pins and a light sensor (TSL 2561) over the I2C bus as shown in the figure below.


The behavior of the demo is pretty simple. Luminosity level is detected periodically. When the level drops below a certain threshold, a LED is switched on and vice versa. Which LED to control and the threshold can be configured at runtime via Kura’s configuration feature.

The following figure shows what the application looks like in Reactive Blocks with the inner blocks of the Light Sensor and LEDs control building block..


You can see that both inner blocks contain block Config Listener 2 that receives configuration changes through, e.g., Kura web console.


Read more about the Azul Systems Zulu Embedded Demos here. If you are visiting JavaOne, see the demo in action at the Azul Systems’ booth 5107.