The Eclipse IoT Challenge Winners

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The winners of the Eclipse IoT Challenge has been announced! First place goes to IoT Vaidya, a project to monitor and diagnose patients remotely. The IoT Vaidya team was new to Eclipse IoT technologies before attempting this project and by reading the blog posts you can take part in the great learning experience. Scoring high in all four categories innovation, completeness, use of open source technologies and community evolvement, this project shows what the Eclipse IoT Challenge is all about. Here are some pictures from the IoT Vaidya blog:

HttpPhoto Imageblog IMG_20160225_201144 Blockssensors
We at Bitreactve were thrilled to see that the winner used Reactive Blocks to program the gateway application.

1st runner up in the competition was Philippe Charriere with the Atta project. This is an impressive simulator of things that can work with MQTT and CoAP and lets you simulate sensors and gateways. 2nd runner up was Andras Voros with two submissions for MoDeS, model-based demonstrator for smart and safe systems. You can read about their Lego robot arm and railway system here.

It was a tight competition with many high quality projects, ideas and blogposts. Everything is collected here. Inspirational readings. The top three contestants walked away with great prizes. Among them is a one year Reactive Blocks professional license. Congratulations!

A big thanks goes out to all our co-sponsors Eurotech, MicroEJ, Red Hat, and Zolertiato and of course not to forget the Eclipse foundation for putting on another great competition!