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Does your business need expertise regarding the Internet of Things?
Does your team require additional capacity to develop solutions?

Bitreactive delivers expertise and services for the Internet of Things, industrial automation, smart cities, energy, and healthcare. We help you choose the right combination of gateway, sensors, and actuators for your needs and have direct access to leading manufacturers. We can support you all the way, from an early prototype to a product ready to ship.

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Some of our products

Balt Sleep Monitor General Setup

The BALT Sleep Monitor is a ready to use sleep monitoring solution for private homes and institutions. It can register bed occupancy, movement intensity and hear-rate. When something is abnormal it sends an alarm and you can view status and historical data from a web application. The BALT Sleep Monitor is quick and easy to install.

  • Analyzes normal sleep pattern  and notifies if something is abnormal
  • Knows if a person is in or out of bed and can send an alarm if a person does not return to the bed within a pre-configured time period
  • Can send an alarm if the heart-rate is above or below threshold values
  • Easy to configure threshold values, alarm messages and phone numbers

Intuitive live status of all patients and historical details for each individual. We will customize to your needs.

The BALT personal hub is a smart flexible gateway for assisted living solutions. It communicates with end equipment and sensors that use open standards, and it sends data to your choice of backend/cloud. Local intelligence and data processing ensures robust operation and more privacy. A flexible software architecture makes this hub customizable to new homes and institutions, and 3rd party equipment and solutions.

  •  Supports Zigbee, BLE, Zwave, Wifi and Etherent
  •  Battery backup
  •  Continua compliant




The BIOT Industrial Hub is a smart and flexible gateway for remote management, control and maintenance of industrial devices. It communicates with sensors and end equipment that use open standards, and it sends data to your choice of backend /cloud. We will deliver the complete gateway software stack. Local intelligence and data processing ensures a robust self sustaining solution. The flexible software architecture makes it customizable to 3rd party equipment and solutions.

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