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How Reactive Blocks Works:


1. Discover existing building blocks.
2. Build your application by combining the blocks.
3. Deploy the automatically built application package.

Building Blocks for Everything

Anything that can be written in code, can be encapsulated in a block. A block can represent a component, a function, parts of a system or a protocol.

Building Blocks are Similar to APIs

In addition they contain a behavioral contract. This contract covers information about the sequence in which parameters must be provided, when parameters are expected and simple but effective timing information. The contracts ensures that building blocks are used and reused correctly.


Make Applications from Building Blocks

You can use blocks from existing libraries by simply dropping them into  a new application.



Code What Works Best in Code

Details and advanced algorithms are programmed as traditional Java code. Graphics and code are kept in sync automatically.

Applications are Structured in a Hierarchy of Building Blocks




Analyze Applications Automatically

The automatic analysis finds intricate design errors that a normal compiler cannot find. With the analysis, you can detect deadlocks, errors in synchronizations, race conditions and other behavior you did not think of. The analysis runs automatically on all building blocks, without any extra effort.

Compile Executable Code from the Building Blocks

The compiler generates complete and executable applications from the building blocks. Again, this works completely automated, and you don't have to change anything in the generated code. The resulting code is event-driven and highly concurrent by construction, and runs efficiently.  





Reactive Blocks runs on all industrial units that use Java SE. OSGi is often used as deployment platform.

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